QUASAR EARTH JEWELRY for space bohemians. Inspired by cosmic energy, Barbarella, unscripted road trips, muscle cars, handsome cowboys, full moons and desert séances, maker Suzi Drake designs and fabricates each and every piece of QUASAR earth jewelry in her studio by the ocean. Every necklace, bracelet and earring is designed to become an essential part of your everyday. Wear them often and wear them well.

Meet the maker

Suzi continues to find inspiration in her favorite unusual places – southern flea markets, vintage motorcycles rallies, planetariums, the deserts and the notion of life as an eternal summer camp. Her heart belongs equally to Magnum P.i. and Mr. Spock. Her spirit animal is Sissy Hanshaw. She prefers old to new and likes to forget it's not the 1970s. She wishes everything smelled like ginger and tasted like coconut. She believes cowboy boots are appropriate footwear for nearly every occasion and you should surround yourself only with things and people that make your heart feel like clean laundry. She makes every piece of QUASAR jewelry in such a place – a workshop by the sea in coastal North Carolina.